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In an effort to assist teachers who are shifting to online classroom scenarios, and parents with students at home, the FDR Library will highlight our free online educational resources every week.

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April 21, 2020

NEW – Activity of the Week

Our Education Specialist has been busy preparing activities that are fun and inspirational for young people and adults alike. Check back for a new one every week.

Who's in Your Family Tree»
Knowing about those who came before us can give us a great deal of information about where we might want to go in the future.

Category: Research, Writing, Interview Skills
Grade level: Elementary through high school
Suggested time: 30-60 minutes
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Teaching Guide of the Week

Fireside Chat "Banking Crisis" Hub»
On March 12, 1933, FDR went on nationwide radio to reassure Americans about the banking system. His appeal worked. The following morning, when the banks reopened, depositors lined up to return their money. The banking crisis was over.

Historic context, key questions, primary source materials, activities, and more.
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Short Film of the Week

FDR's First 100 Days»
FDR's first 100 days in office were the most action-packed in presidential history. In that time, sixteen major issues were addressed to relieve economic hardship, stimulate recovery, and enact reforms. (2:38 min)
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