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Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make it Do, or Do Without

During the Great Depression money was hard to come by and so people were not able to go to the store or order whatever they wanted or needed online. In fact there was no online in those days! People became creative in the way they used, and reused, what they had. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” became a popular saying. Today we call that “repurposing” or “upcycling.” 

What do you have at home that you no longer need or use, but could be repurposed or upcycled to something new and useful?
Repurposing things is a great way to save money, recycle, and use your imagination and creative skills.

  • Google repurposing and upcycling for ideas about how to get started.
  • Can an old t-shirt be made into a tote bag?
  • Can an old jar or container be made into a bank?
  • Can an old container be made into a planter?
  • Can a sock without a match be made into a puppet?

Download the official certificate to keep track of your achievements.

Share With Us:
Post a photo and a description of something you have repurposed or upcycled with the hashtag #fdrsummer (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) so we can celebrate your achievements with you.

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During the Great Depression many of the gifts people received at the holidays were homemade items such quilts, blankets, and dolls made from scraps of fabric left over from other projects throughout the year.  At the time, store-bought gifts were fancy and rare, but today the items made with scraps, and held together with love, are considered family heirlooms.  

Today it seems like everything is made of plastic. The United Nations estimates that only about ______ of the world’s plastic is recycled each year. 

  1. 5%
  2. 9%
  3. 50%
  4. 90%

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