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2. FDR served for about 12 years. He was elected to four, four year terms but he died just 83 days into his fourth term. He served longer than anyone ever had, or will, as the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution now limits a president to two terms.

2. On April 12, 1945 President Roosevelt who was in Warm Springs, Georgia resting up from an exhausting wartime conference at Yalta, suffered a stroke and died.

ANSWER: The archives contain about 150,000 photographs from the Roosevelt era including images of President and Mrs. Roosevelt, the Great Depression and World War II.

1. The March of Dimes. FDR asked people to send their spare dimes to help fund the treatment center in Warm Springs and people generously responded by sending in more that 16 million dimes! Today the March of Dimes helps to fight birth defects and assists families who experience premature births.

3. The tent originated with the military and references to dogs are very common (dog tags, dog face - reference to an unshaven soldier in the field) and so the small tents were called “pup tents.”

4. In March 1941, Captain America made his debut on the cover of the Comic book Captain America Issue One, he was holding a shield, a device used for defensive purposes, and he was punching Adolph Hitler. This said a lot about what would take place over the next four years.

ANSWER: The Hyde Park Science Rangers does not exist. If it did FDR would probably have participated as he did in each of the other organizations listed above.

False. A hobo wanted to work for whatever they could get in return. Tramps would work if they had to, but were more than willing to just take a freebie and move along. Bums hated to work and were pretty much looking for a free hand out.

1. Legend has it that among one of the first times hot dogs were served was the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Cotton candy and ice cream cones are also said to have made their debut there as well.

3. The art of using two or more needles to create interlocking loops, aka knitting, is thought to have originated in the Middle East many centuries ago.

4. Eastern Bluebird.  These birds are a medium sized thrush with blue tops, reddish-brown middles and white bottoms. What’s the official bird of your State?

4. I’m no Angel. The film is a bawdy comedy starring Mae West who was known for her racy and somewhat naughty screen persona.

3. Nearly 28,000 miles of nature trails were carved from the wilderness throughout the United States. Most are still available for walks and hiking today. 

1. Hot dogs. The Queen had never really seen a hot dog before and is said to have asked, “How does one go about eating such a sausage?” Legend has it that FDR responded, “Very simple. Push it in your mouth and keep pushing until it is all gone.” Foregoing the advice of the President, the Queen is said to have eaten her hot dog with a fork and knife. The King enjoyed his so much that he asked if he could have a second helping.

2. Vassar College in Dutchess County, NY. She began performing short dramatic pieces  as a young child in her parents' living room in Redfield, South Dakota and eventually ended up teaching at Vassar from which she was tapped to head Federal One.

1. There areTeddy Bear Museums all over the world but it is said that the English Teddy Bear Museum which was sold in 2006 had the largest number up to that time.

4. The answer is all of the above, it is never too late to start the saving habit. Start now!

3. The Lincoln Bedroom. The Lincoln Bedroom is part of a guest suite on the second floor of the White House. It is named after President Lincoln who used it as an office while he was president.

4. The Punch and Judy Murders. Eerily, FDR had marked the book where he had left off, and had he lived, the next chapter he would have read was titled, “Six Feet of Dirt.”

3. Alpha Centauri is actually a three star system located about 4.3 light years from Earth. Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B are the two bright stars, the third Proxima Centauri is the dimmest.

2. Only about 9% of the plastic produced each year gets recycled. The rest is incinerated or ends up in landfills or the oceans. Reducing the amount of plastic we use, and repurposing what we do use can help reduce the amount of waste plastic in our environment.