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To do our part during this period of social distancing, we will be assembling a bi-weekly digest of online programs, resources, and diversions.

Our At Home newsletter and video series felt ready for a change. We've been home long enough. Starting today, we become: The Roosevelt Story

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Upcoming Programs

FDR and the Politics of Celebrity 
Aug 17, 2pm ET
FDR loved movies and movie stars. He enjoyed their celebrity, too, and as a shrewd politician, he knew their support and their fame could prove beneficial to his Administration. From New Deal programs to war mobilization, the movies, movie stars, and studio moguls shone a spotlight on his efforts – and him – that served the nation during difficult times. Acting Director William A. Harris highlights evidence of these relationships through a selection of key documents from the Library’s collection.



Program Archives

The Man He Became»  
From June 2014
In the summer of 1921 after contracting polio, Franklin Roosevelt's days as a politician seemed at an end. National Book Critics Circle Award winner James Tobin tracks FDR's journey from his low point to winning the Presidency.
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Resources For Parents and Teachers

Our education specialist has assembled 21 smart, fun activities for youth at home, that occupy young hands and minds while requiring minimal adult supervision.

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Features Stories of the Week

#ArtifactRoadTrip: New York» 
This oil painting, a view of the Hudson River looking north towards the Hudson Highlands by Thomas Benjamin Pope, was presented to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by Raymond D. Adolph as a Christmas gift in 1939
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Summer Activities 

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make it Do, or Do Without» 
What do you have at home that you no longer need or use, but could be repurposed or upcycled to something new and useful? Repurposing things is a great way to save money, recycle, and use your imagination and creative skills.
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Our Plain Duty» 
On August 14, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, a monumental piece of legislation that forever changed the relationship between the federal government and the American people. Visit our interactive online exhibit: Our Plain Duty.
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