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Upcoming Programs.

The Court at War: FDR, his Justices, and the World they made with Cliff Sloan 

Henry A. Wallace Center

Wednesday, September 27, 2pm ET

Rebroadcasting on the official FDR Library pages on:


The inside story of how one president forever altered the most powerful legal institution in the country, with consequences that endure today, a conversation with author Cliff Sloan and FDR Library director William Harris.





Program Archives

Inside the Archives: FDR and the Politics of Celebrity 

FDR loved movies and movie stars. He enjoyed their celebrity, too, and as a shrewd politician, he knew their support and their fame could prove beneficial to his Administration. FDR Library Director William Harris highlights evidence of these relationships through a selection of key documents from the Library’s collection.

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Resources For Parents and Teachers

Our education specialist has assembled 21 smart, fun activities for youth at home, that occupy young hands and minds while requiring minimal adult supervision.

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Features Stories of the Week

Carved Wooden Pig– #FDRtheCollector 

FDR enjoyed collecting pig figurines and kept this one on his Oval Office desk. A gift from ER, when FDR opened it he reportedly said, “Don’t let Henry see this,” referring to Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace.

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Eleanor Roosevelt's "Struggle for Human Rights" Speech Paris, 1948 

"I have come this evening to talk with you on one of the greatest issues of our time—that is the preservation of human freedom. I have chosen to discuss it here in France, at the Sorbonne, because here in this soil the roots of human freedom have long ago struck deep and here they have been richly nourished. It was here the Declaration of the Rights of Man was proclaimed...."

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