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“MY DAY” Summer Journal or Blog

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a daily column called “MY DAY” that appeared in newspapers and magazines all across the country every day (except Sunday) for about 26 years. Because she wrote about the events happening in her life (sometimes about very important things like war and international peace, sometimes about not very important things, like her shopping at a local farm market) some people consider her column to have been the world’s first blog.

Why not start a journal or a blog that highlights your adventures and activities this summer?

  • How often would you write? Every day, every few days, once a week? 
  • What would you write about?
  • What format would your writing take – a notebook, a journal, a blog, a tweet?
  • What audience would you be writing to? Perhaps your future self?

Download the official certificate to keep track of your achievements.

Share With Us:
Post a sample blog entry or writing clip with the hashtag #fdrsummer (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) so we can celebrate your achievements with you. 

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Despite the fact that Eleanor Roosevelt wrote thousands of columns, articles, essays, letters, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and more than two dozen books, she felt very insecure about her writing. Though she graduated from Allenswood School in England, (essentially the equivalent of high school) she never attended college and felt intimidated when she thought of her work as compared to what she considered “actual” authors.

On April 12, 1945 it is said that Mrs. Roosevelt missed the submission deadline for her column. Which of the following was the reason for her missed deadline?

  1. Her internet crashed
  2. Her husband died
  3. There was a fire at her publisher’s office
  4. She had just had a baby

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