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FDR Man About Town 

Franklin Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, Dutchess County, NY on January 30, 1882, and it remained his home even while he was away at school, in Washington, DC, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy and as President, and in Albany, NY, as Governor. As a result he had many opportunities to contribute to and participate in groups, organizations, and activities where he grew up and spent his life.

Why not get involved in a group, organization or activity in your community this summer?
Becoming involved in your community is a great way to meet new friends, make your voice heard and gather new skills and experiences.

  • What opportunities are there for young people to get involved in your community?
  • Does your public library have volunteer opportunities?
  • Is there a peer tutoring program that helps struggling students improve their skills?
  • Is there a thrift store or food pantry that could use an extra set of hands this summer?
  • Is there a need that is not being filled that you could point out and help organize support for?

Download the official certificate to keep track of your achievements.

Share With Us:
Post a photo of some activity or event in your community that you participated in helping this summer with the hashtag #fdrsummer (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) so we can celebrate your achievements with you.

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Despite his life-long history of community involvement and activities in and around Dutchess County, FDR won the Presidency four times, but never once carried his own county! The people of Dutchess loved FDR, but apparently not enough to vote for him. Maybe they didn’t want him to leave them and go to Washington? 

FDR was actively involved in, or supported, all of the following groups or organizations except___________. 

  1. Eagle One Volunteer Fire Company
  2. St. James Episcopal Church
  3. Boy Scouts of America
  4. Hyde Park Science Rangers

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