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Design a New Deal Superhero

To many people in their time and since, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were heroes. Together they helped the country through the difficult years of the Great Depression and World War II. To combat the difficulties of the Great Depression, FDR created a set of programs called the New Deal. Like a DC or Marvel superhero, each program was designed with special powers to battle a particular challenge.

Why not design your own New Deal Superhero?
Designing a New Deal Superhero is a great way to use your imagination and creativity while learning a little about FDR’s New Deal programs.

  • Visit the Roosevelt Website’s Periodic Table to learn a little about what each program was designed to do. Then create a superhero for a program that interests you.
  • What powers would they have?
  • What evil forces of the Great Depression would they battle?
  • What color would their costume be?
  • How would their logo look?

Download the official certificate to keep track of your achievements.

Share With Us:
Post a picture of your New Deal Superhero and a brief description of their powers and skills with the hashtag #fdrsummer (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) so we can celebrate your achievements with you.

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Just like many superheroes FDR actually sometimes wore a cape! It was a very distinctive Naval Cape that kept him warm and toasty during inspection tours of ships during World War II. It is part of our museum’s collection, but is not currently on display. 

Which superhero first appeared in March, 1941, socking Adolph Hitler while defending himself with a shield?

  1. Spiderman
  2. Thor
  3. Superman
  4. Captain America

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