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Camping Out...Or In 

The Roosevelts loved nature and took advantage of the great outdoors whenever and wherever they could, enjoying every opportunity to go for a picnic or to camp out.

Why not plan a camp out...or a camp in.?
Camping is one of those activities that can be experienced on many levels. It can be as rustic as sleeping out under the stars at night or as cushy and cozy as staying in a big fancy RV. It can also be done inside – that’s right, when it comes to camping, you set the rules!

  • Would you camp out, or in?
  • Would you camp in a tent, or a trailer, or an RV?
  • Would you make a fort with couch cushions and blankets?
  • What snack would you bring?
  • Would you be brave enough to tell ghost stories in the dark?

Download the official certificate to keep track of your achievements.

Share With Us:
Send us a photo and a description of your camping out, or in, experience with the hashtag #fdrsummer (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) so we can celebrate your achievements with you.

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During the Great Depression FDR created an organization called the Civilian Conservation Corps to give young men aged 18-24 jobs in the countryside. They planted trees, built fire towers, created trails and roads through fields and forests, and they created thousands of campsites all across America. Many of those are still in use today. Is there one near you that you could go camping?

Sometimes people camp in “pup tents.” How did the “pup tent” get its cute, but unusual, name?

  1. The tents are so basic they are only fit for a dog to sleep in.
  2. The term is an acronym that stands for “People Under Protection.”   
  3. References to dogs are common in the military where this type of tent originated.
  4. The tents resemble kennels where dogs are sometimes housed.

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