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To do our part during this period of social distancing, we will be assembling a weekly digest of online programs, resources, and diversions.

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Upcoming Programs

The Museum Collection at Home: The FDR Sphinx Sculpture»
Wednesday, May 27, 2pm on our Facebook Page
With war headlines dominating the news in late 1939, speculation began that FDR might seek a third term. When he said little in response, cartoons began appearing in the nation’s newspapers that depicted him as the Great Sphinx of Giza. They inspired this papier mache sculpture. Presented by Supervisory Museum Curator Herman Eberhardt with live Q&A in the comments section.
Available online»

Program Archives

Anthony Badger and FDR's First 100 Days»
From June 2008: Anthony Badger explores the first one hundred days of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, recounting the record number of bills that President Roosevelt sent to Congress and the beginning of the New Deal. (Video, 43:21 min.)
Broadcast by CSPAN.
Available online»

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Historians Michael Beschloss and Susan Dunn on FDR and presidential leadership (Jun 2019)»

Resources For Parents and Teachers

To assist parents with children at home, and teachers who are shifting to online classrooms, the FDR presents our free online activities and resources every week.

NEW: Activity of the Week
Our Education Specialist has been busy preparing activities that are fun and inspirational for young people and adults alike. A new one every week.

A Few Words from Eleanor Roosevelt Activity»
Last week we examined the words of FDR. This week, let's take a look at the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, an equally towering figure of the 20th Century. With the challenges we are facing today, how can the words of leaders like Eleanor Roosevelt lift our spirit and unite us.
Category: Language Arts, Current Events, Writing, Research
Grade level: Elementary through high school
Suggested time: 30-60 minutes
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Teaching Guide of the Week
Great Depression Teachable Moments»
This fourteen-part curriculum guide provides an overview of our nation's most severe economic crisis through a series of short films. Each film is accompanied by primary source materials and a set of short-answer questions to give students experience in gathering and interpreting information from a variety of sources.
Available online»

Video of the Week
Eleanor Roosevelt's Human Rights Speech»
Eleanor Roosevelt's famous speech addressed the importance of human rights and freedoms – and their emphasis in the charter of the United Nations – as a foundation upon which to build a lasting peace.
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Other Resources
FRANKLIN digital archives and virtual research room»
The Periodic Table of the New Deal»
Helpful Hints for Students Doing Research»
Understanding Document Based Research»

Features Stories of the Week

Help Us Test Our New Online Museum Portal»
Explore Franklin Roosevelt’s ship model collection and help us test out our digital artifact collection. FDR had a deep interest in the sea, and spent a lifetime amassing this collection of ship models. His favorite model was the USS Constitution.
Available online»



Unpretentious History: Alma Van Curan and the FDR Library Logbooks»
The most surprising documents are often the least obviously important ones, lurking in plain sight, and their importance grows with every turn of the page. They provide deep insight, both humorous and tragic, personal and historical, that complete a picture from ground level. A new blog by FDR Library Deputy Director William A Harris.
Available online»


FDR Library Tumblr»
There’s so much about this photograph that is terrifying and hilarious as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt inaugurates hourly plane service from Washington, DC, to New York City on May 17, 1937. Visit our Tumblr account for a lighter look at the archives.
Available online»


My Roosevelt Story Member Edition»
In this new feature, our dedicated supporters share their favorite things about the Roosevelts and the FDR Presidential Library and Museum.

How have the Roosevelts affected your life? Please share your personal connection to Franklin, Eleanor, their legacy, the FDR Library's Archives or Museum by emailing myrooseveltstory@nara.gov.

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