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Still Photographs

Still picture holdings range in date from 1870 to the present, with approximately 130,000 items. The Photograph Collection is divided into three main files: the Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt Files, and the General Subject File. The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Files are arranged chronologically. The original prints in these two files have been retired for preservation and have been replaced with 5-by-8 index cards which contain appropriate descriptive information and 4-by-5 contact prints. Subject files for both the FDR and ER index cards are available to visiting researchers.

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Digitized Photographs

All of these files contain photos taken by family members (including FDR), other private individuals, professional photographers and other news services and government agencies. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library provides prints from its files for reference purposes only. Permission to use photographs credited to commercial sources must be obtained from the copyright owner. No permission is needed to use those photographs in the public domain. The Library also has many photographs for which the rights owner is not known, although the staff has made an effort to determine the rights possessor. The responsibility for publication of these photos rests with the user. The Library would appreciate a courtesy line for the use of those photos in the public domain and those for which the copyright owner is unknown, e.g. "Courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum, Hyde Park, New York."

Another major collection of still photographs is the President's Naval Collection. These materials illustrate the history of the United States Navy from the revolutionary War through WWII. 

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