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The following is a list of color images featuring FDR that are housed within the Audio/Visual Collections at the FDR Library. Click here to download the printable version.  

Please Contact the Archives if you would like to order materials listed below.

Library ID # Title/Description

53-70: (1)

FDR, Churchill and Stalin (from 8" x 10" transparency)

53-70: (1-A)

FDR, Churchill and Stalin at Yalta

53-70 (5)

FDR with Churchill and Stalin at Yalta press conference

53-70 (8)

FDR with Ibn Saud on board USS Quincy

53-70 (10)

FDR in conversation with Farouk on board USS Quincy

60-8 (1)

FDR by Movin-Hermes, June 5, 1944


FDR inspecting construction of Top Cottage, N.Y. Daily News


FDR, photographed by Chicago Tribune , autumn, 1932


FDR campaigning in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Enquirer , Oct. 23, 1940


FDR by St. Louis Post Dispatch , Nov. 1932


FDR by Alan Fisher of World Telegram for use on front cover of Sunday Supplement , Jan. 16, 1937


FDR at Hilltop Cottage with Mrs. WA Harriman, Churchill and Hopkins, June 20, 1942


FDR at Warm Springs, GA., March 30-April 12, 1945


FDR reviewing Memorial Day parade, Washington, May 30, 1942


FDR with young polio patient, 1936


FDR at Hyde Park attending St. James Church with British Royalty