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Who was the first Roosevelt to come to America ? 
The first Roosevelt to come to America was Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt, meaning Nicholas the son of Martin of the Rose Field. Claes and his wife Jennetjke (Jannetje) were from the Netherlands and they arrived in New York (then called "New Amsterdam") around 1649.

What other famous people were related to the Roosevelts ?
FDR loved genealogy, and he claimed he could trace his family lines back to eleven Presidents of the United States, directly and indirectly.

FDR also claimed to be related to other famous people, including: Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Douglas MacArthur, Queen Elizabeth, Winston S. Churchill, and King Robert III of Scotland.

Did the Roosevelts have a coat of arms? 
The name "Roosevelt" comes from the Dutch "Rosenvelt" meaning "rose field." The Roosevelt Family Coat of Arms is of a rosebud bearing three red roses on a mound of green set against a background of silver with a crest consisting of a visored helmet and three ostrich plumes in silver and red. The Roosevelt Family Motto accompanying the Coat of Arms is "Qui plantavit curabit" which can be translated as "The one who planted it will take care of it" or "He who will plant will cultivate."