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FDR's Naval Collection

This image collection consists of approximately 6,000 prints and photographs that Roosevelt collected between about 1910 and 1945. The material illustrates the history of the United States Navy from the revolutionary War through WWII. FDR purchased some items. Others were gifts from friends and associates and from the general public, particularly during his years as President. Gifts from the public were normally forwarded to him by the Democratic National Committee. In addition, he clipped many prints from old books and periodicals which he annotated and often mounted in albums. The collection was presented to the Library between 1942 and 1953.


There are two major series of images:

I. General Files
Arranged alphabetically by general subject headings, and there under by either subject, surname of individual, name of ship, state or country. Items showing two or more subjects are filed under the subject appearing first in the caption. Also, items concerning a particular subject may be found under several subject headings. For example, items concerning the ship Constitution will be found under "Drawings," "Engagements," "Paintings", "Prints, "Ships," Ship-Models" and "Ship-Sailing."

II. Albums File
Arranged alphabetically under five general subject headings -- "Actions," "Officers," "Secretaries," "Ships" and "Miscellaneous." FDR placed the items in these albums, developed the subject headings which are used in this list and annotated many of the items. The material has been removed from the albums and placed in folders for preservation, and for ease of storing and presenting to the researcher. One album -- "Ships Pow-Row" -- has been retained intact to illustrate how FDR arranged and maintained them. This album is being preserved by the Museum Department. The last album -- "Momento to the Visit H.R.H. Prince Henry of Prussia to Cramp's Shipyard, March 10, 1902" -- was complete when presented to FDR and has been so preserved.The Material was donated to the Library by the President, his estate and the Democratic National Committee


Materials in this collection were donated to the Library by the President, his estate and the Democratic National Commitee. There are no restrictions on use for research purposes. However, materials which are copyrighted may not be published without permission of the copyright holder.

Related Materials

Naval and maritime photographs may also be found in the General Collection and the Library of Congress Collection.

Order Materials Using Accession Numbers

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Please reference the following numbers when requesting naval collection materials:

42-344:1-33, 47-96:4841 (1-23), 48-22:1-?, 3-227:1-2294