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Classroom Activities

Each of these activities is focused on the digitally re-mastered version of President Roosevelt’s historic ‘Day of Infamy’ speech. Each is consistent with Common Core and is designed to meet one or more of the instructional goals of the College, Careers, and Civic Life 3 C’s Framework’s four instructional dimensions:

  1. Developing Questions and Planning Inquires
  2. Applying Disciplinary Concepts and Tools
  3. Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence
  4. Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action

These activities can be easily modified and adapted to the teaching and learning styles of you and your students.  Additional material concerning this topic can be found on the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum’s website www.fdrlibrary.org .

Activity #1: Newspaper or Radio Account

Activity #2: Why Do Words Matter?

Activity #3: Public Opinion Word Cloud

Activity #4: Who is the Audience?

Activity #5: The Medium Matters

Activity #6: December 7 and September 11 - Infamy Twins?

Activity #7: Pop Up Video Activity


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