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Interactive Periodic Tables

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Periodic Table of the New Deal»

Periodic Table of World War II»

Interactive Periodic Tables of the New Deal and World War II

Twelve years ago the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum produced the Periodic Table of the New Deal and the Periodic Table of World War II as posters suitable for display and use in the classroom. Chemical elements displayed on the Periodic Table of ElementsThe idea was to give teachers a simple tool to explain the scope of the Roosevelt Administration’s work helping America face these two enormous crises. Since that time more than 10,000 of these posters have been distributed free of charge and they now hang in classrooms across the globe.

Technology, and a generous grant from the New York Community Trust, has now enabled us to create interactive, online versions of each of these innovative teaching tools that allows students and teachers to delve deeper into individual sub topics. With just a click of the mouse scores of historic photographs, documents, and images of artifacts can be pulled up and shared.

In addition, a set of worksheets and activities has been created to assist teachers in familiarizing students with the materials presented in each table. They can be used as is, or modified to meet the needs of individual students and classes.

The electronic format will allow us to add additional material and resources as time and funding allow.

Contact the Education Specialist to order a large format, full color poster of the Periodic Table of the New Deal. You can also click here to view and download the large printable version.