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With the support of AT&T and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Audio and Video Preservation Lab, the Roosevelt Library is pleased to present two new Roosevelt Curriculum Hubs that will allow teachers to bring two of the most influential people of the 20th century into classrooms of the 21 century with a focus and clarity never before seen.

This important digitization project has allowed for the transfer of more than a dozen of President and Mrs. Roosevelt’s most important speeches, rarely seen home movies, news reels, and interviews from original film stock to new state-of-the-art HD and 4K Ultra HD video for use in the classroom.

Each hub is accompanied by a complete set of curriculum material arranged thematically and focused on the enduring understandings and essential questions necessary to explore the trials and triumphs of the Roosevelt era and their impact on our world today.  Film and audio clips, copies of primary source documents, photographs and political cartoons, background and contextual materials, and ideas for in-class and out-of-classroom activities, projects and assignments and links to additional educational materials are provided here ready for use in your classroom.

Support for this curriculum is part of AT&T's commitment to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. AT&T Aspire is the company's signature $350 million philanthropic initiative that drives innovation in education by bringing diverse resources to bear on the issues including funding, technology, employee volunteerism, and mentoring.

For more information about this material and upcoming speech transfers and curriculum contact the Library’s education specialist Jeffrey Urbin at or by phone at (845) 486-7761.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Greatest Speeches

When Franklin Roosevelt came to power in 1933 the United States was consumed with the financial upheavals of the Great Depression; less than half a decade later the country, and the rest of the world, was engulfed in World War II. During these historically difficult times Roosevelt dispensed reassurance and instilled hope with remarkable speeches he delivered in his characteristically calm, clear voice.

This hub presents nine of those great speeches.

Visit the FDR Curriculum Hub

Eleanor Roosevelt – Inspiring Women to Lead

Eleanor Roosevelt was a remarkable leader who redefined the role of First Lady, and worked tirelessly to protect civil and human rights all over the world. The power of her personality, her courage, self-discipline, love of humanity, devotion to ideals, and undying hope for a better tomorrow have been an inspiration to generations and earned her the moniker of “First Lady of the World.”

This hub presents rare clips and interviews that demonstrate that her world weary wisdom and unique character still shines through.

Visit the Eleanor Roosevelt Curriculum Hub