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Past Special Exhibition:

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"Action, and Action Now"

This special exhibit opened on March 4, 2008—the 75th anniversary of FDR’s first inauguration. It remained on view in the William J. vanden Heuvel Special Exhibitions Gallery throughout the 75th anniversary year.

The exhibit had an introductory immersive experience that evoked the nation's desperation in the early years of the Great Depression. Visitors then entered the main exhibit space, which focused on the tremendous energy and hope generated by President Roosevelt in the dramatic weeks after he took office. The exhibit featured a number of major audiovisual productions, including a program exploring the impact of FDR’s first “Fireside Chats” that visitors encountered via a period radio located inside the recreated kitchen of a struggling Depression-era family.  Visitors could also view newsreels from the First 100 Days that were projected inside a small “Newsreel Theater.” The exhibit also featured rarely-seen historical documents, artifacts, photographs, and posters from the Library and Museum collections. 

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