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Sativa Cannabis

Overview of the Sativa Cannabis Strain Varieties


Sativa, or cannabis sativa is a species of cannabis that represents the largest gene pool present in modern day medical marijuana, along with the sub-species cannabis indica, both species are used for breeding sativa-indica hybrids, which make up the most popular cannabis strains at legal and medical dispensaries.

Sativa Cannabis Research

Sativa strains grow into tall, long, stretchy plants that take a much more lengthy time to flower than most hybrid marijuana strains. Sativa strains come from tropical and sub-tropical regions of the globe and can be found in landrace and in-bred line form.

Sativa plants present an elevated sized plant, blooming for a longer time that entrusts a long personal life and even prolonged flowering duration.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Buyers looking for sativa seeds can buy seed online and have the seeds shipped to their home location. The consumers may consider the vast amount of sativa and sativa-dominant strains sold at major seed retailers. The best possible strain enthusiasts have essentially stashed stashes of some of the most powerful sativa marijuana plants you have in fact ever before run into. Seedling day trading and also duplicate are common in breeder clubs.